My Personal Healing Journey

I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It is here that I met my life partner, Chuck, and became a mother to our beautiful daughter, Cathryn (aka “Annie”). However, my personal journey to healing and wellness began five years ago, at 10am on a typical Thursday morning. As I was walking across a busy intersection, on my way to work, a distracted driver suddenly struck me with her vehicle.

Initially, I was told that my multiple broken bones, along with my internal and external injuries would prevent me from ever walking again. Fortunately,  I was provided with exceptional trauma care and rehabilitation, while being surrounded by helpful friends and loved ones. Three months later, I defied all odds and was miraculously walking again! 

I strongly believe that the key to my initial and continued healing is a strong belief and unwavering vision that mind, body and spirit need equal nourishment.

I was treated by an orthopedic surgeon,for multiple bone graft surgeries. He referred me to an innovative clinic that offered me hands- on healing as part of my physical therapy treatment plan.  As this clinic helped guide my recovery, I also continued to see an entire team of medical practitioners.  It was during one of these physical therapy sessions that I began to dream of creating a healing collective to bring multiple providers together under one roof with a unified vision for providing health and wellness services to others.

While the intervention of western medicine was necessary to repair my injuries, there have been subsequent layers of healing that I’ve only been able to achieve through the adoption of a holistic approach to wellness.  After settling into our home in Brush Prairie, WA, it was this holistic approach that enabled me to move forward to the incredible level of wellness that I have currently achieved.  I am a fierce advocate of the healing power of yoga, reiki and myofascial release, and I continue to improve my health through meditative research & practice and nutrition.  

With deepest sincerity and warmth, I welcome you to share my continued healing journey by benefiting from our community at our new healing collective. 

Jen McCracken

JuniperTree Healing Collective

Vancouver, WA

Alternative Practitioners & Instructors Wanted!

Help us build the branches of the Juniper Tree:


We have 2 spaces in addition to 5 treatment rooms, boutique space, waiting, reception and other public areas:


  • The yoga studio itself, which is 500 sq. feet and will be available / ideal for training and group classes, events and workshops.

  • The talk therapy space (approx. 250 sq. feet )  is ideal for behavioral and talk therapy, wellness coaching and counseling services. This space can accommodate multiple clients per session.

  • Each of our 5 treatment rooms range in size from 120-250 sq. feet and are perfect for Massage Therapy and Bodywork, Energy Healing and Natural medicine treatments. Our treatment rooms can also easily be converted to be used for private yoga instruction, personal fitness instruction and multidisciplinary therapies

  • Amenities include full service laundry, water and tea service, client reception and semi private waiting areas