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Nicole Snyder, LMP

"My name is Nicole Snyder. In March 2012 I graduated the massage program at Everest college and have been licensed and an active massage therapist since April 2012. From school, I have worked at a day spa, a resort spa and a chiropractic office. During my employment at the chiropractic office I realized that I was ready to fly on my own, and “Body Vitality” was created."


From working in completely different atmospheres- Spa: Relaxing, luxury, Swedish/light pressure, stress relieving and chiropractic: injury focused, medical/following doctors diagnoses – I have learned that my style is best when it meets in the middle. My treatments are mainly working with injury recovery and prevention (pre/post athletic activity), but I believe that the mind needs to relax in order for the body to heal. I practice deep tissue, trigger point release, sports massage, stretching, Guasha and Swedish techniques in my massage treatments. In addition to that I use

Massage Therapy

essential oils and magnesium oil to complement the treatments.


Other then my professional life, I am a mother to a beautiful little girl named Nyomi. We love going on hikes, going to the beach, going on other adventures, dancing, and doing artsy things. I also love working out, learning all types of different things, and am beginning to love reading books focused on physical health, mental health, self improvement, success, and spirituality.