We are here for YOU! Located at Vancouver Mall, WA, Juniper Tree Healing Collective offers a gentle, compassionate approach to health, wellness and fitness. Our focus is to provide healing services and resources catered to those that are moving through physical and emotional transition.  We offer services in support of all levels of health and wellness and cater to beginners and those looking for restorative practices.


Our Vision

At Juniper Tree, We Empower Peace and Well-being through Compassionate daily living.


Our Guiding Values

We believe that in living these values, we encourage others to find their own unique path to sustained physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health & wellness! 





Allowing our values to guide our priorities keeps us in balance.  By tuning into our body's intelligence and striking a harmonious balance we are able to be efficient and at ease. 




We honor all spiritual paths and journeys.  Because we know the power of belief, we align our thoughts, words and behaviors with desired outcomes.  In applying this, we all have the ability to transform our lives in miraculous ways!




Connection with our community fuels our vision.  Through collaboration we foster mutually beneficial solutions. We are dedicated to each individual's needs and our community's peace and well-being. 




Compassion heals.  Showing compassion for ourselves and others is our strength.   Living compassionately serves every other higher purpose that we strive to fulfill!




Alternative Practitioner or Instructors Wanted!

Help us build the branches of the Juniper Tree:


We have 2 spaces in addition to 5 treatment rooms, boutique space, waiting, reception and other public areas:


  • The yoga studio itself, which is 500 sq. feet and will be available / ideal for training and group classes, events and workshops.

  • The talk therapy space (approx. 250 sq. feet )  is ideal for behavioral and talk therapy, wellness coaching and counseling services. This space can accommodate multiple clients per session.

  • Each of our 5 treatment rooms range in size from 120-250 sq. feet and are perfect for Massage Therapy and Bodywork, Energy Healing and Natural medicine treatments. Our treatment rooms can also easily be converted to be used for private yoga instruction, personal fitness instruction and multidisciplinary therapies

  • Amenities include full service laundry, water and tea service, client reception and semi private waiting areas