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Greg Asbury

Greg Asbury is a highly skilled life coach, teacher,  and practicing Shaman.  He is a graduate of Healing the Light Body School® founded by Alberto Villoldo PhD., is a certified instructor of Dying Consciously™ and has trained with others including : Betsy Bergstrom, Deepak Chopra, Michael Harner, and indigenous shamans of the Andes and the Amazon. With Greg's rich background in business, education and indigenous wisdom he maintains a personal healing practice and is known for his gentle ability to help his clients realize their own potential and wellbeing on their journey.

Energy moves through us constantly and science now realizes that our minds, body and spirit inform and help determine how we will live and how well we will live. Working with Greg allows you to gain skills in moving energy and experience heightened awareness of yourself and others. Greg has studied and worked with Inka medicine men and women of the high Andes and the Amazon. He has led journeys to sacred sites in Peru and is a student of indigenous wisdom practices from Asia and South America. Through many years of study and practice, he is able to bridge cultures and integrate those insights into our daily life. Greg is a dynamic and gifted teacher with experience working with large and small groups. In any setting he is able to bring healing energy and insights forth which help clients realize their own potential and live fully.

Greg is the co-founder of the Center for Conscious Leadership that is dedicated to shifting the paradigm of leadership to one in which business is the bridge to help the world work for everyone. He brings the insights of diverse and ancient wisdom to the business world in an engaging and provocative way for leaders. Greg has worked with world leaders including the president of the United Nations and other heads of state to map out pathways to a future that recognize the possibility of global change and peace.  Additional accomplishments include Greg's work as an award winning designer, author and publisher including: "Rainforests to Flowers" "Gardens on Java" and "Chakra Gardens- Opening the Senses of the Soul"  by Carol Cumes with Greg Asbury