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Jessica O' Malley LAc., AWC

Healing Circle Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine

Jessica O’Malley is a licensed acupuncturist with an MSA from Bastyr University. She is also a highly trained massage therapist and holds a certificate in ayurvedic medicine from Kerala Ayurveda Academy. She practices traditional constitutional medicine from Asia that includes acupuncture, vibrational modalities, bodywork, nutrition, botanicals, breathing, meditation and exercise. She believes in a simple family based medical model that is centered on daily practices of healthy living and preventative care. Her treatments are enjoyable, caring, and thorough, with a focus on instant relief and a plan for reaching long term health goals.


"One of the best parts of my practice is helping people get pain relief. I attribute a lot of my success with pain to my background in massage and experience combining acupuncture with gentle structural integration. I am also a mother of three and a trained labor support doula so perinatal care for mothers and 

babies is very near and dear to my heart, as is women’s health in all life stages. My mother is an herbalist and we have been growing herbs and making medicine since I was a young girl. As a practitioner I love how gentle and effective traditional medicine is. I have a huge appreciation for the wisdom of prevention and that means caring for my client’s mental and emotional stresses before they become physical imbalances. Usually stress causes muscle tension and dis-ease in the gut. My clients will tell you how much I love healing their guts. I always say, the center of your body is the center of your health. Gut health includes not only good nutrition needed to prevent early aging and degeneration, but healing your gut reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system as well. A healthy gut is also key for a happy and calm nervous system. Acupuncture, herbs, and food therapy do wonders for gut stress and so does gentle visceral manipulation and abdominal massage. The most rewarding part of my work may also be the most subtle, working with sound and the biorhythms of the nervous system and the heart bring a deep sense of relaxation and peace to my clients and my self. In that coherent centered state we are able to regain balance and better connect with ourselves and our families. The calm centered awareness, the ease and comfort that come from honoring the body is an instant benefit for both of us, I call it the healing circle and I look forward to sharing it with you."