Juniper Tree Practitioners

"..... A Healing Community, working together to serve ....."

Dani Bohannon

Dani Bohannon is an Intuitive Energy Healer. 


"As one of the resident Energy Healers at Juniper Tree Healing Collective, I have to say that it is a joy and an honor to be a part of this incredibly supportive family, and to watch it blossom, grow and serve our community in unique and beautiful ways.  As an Intuitive Energy Healer, I offer a unique brand of healing, drawing from many different modalities.  This allows me to create sessions unique to each person's needs. The power to heal ourselves is within us all and I can help you align the powerful triad of body, mind and spirit to experience deep healing and transformation on all levels of your life.  I began my journey about 12 years ago studying Pranic Healing under Master Stephen Co.  Drawn to energy work like a moth to flame, I continued my studies including Reiki, Vibrational Sound Healing and Theta Healing certification.  In addition to energy healing, I also enjoy sharing the gift of intuitive Sacred Realm readings.  But Juniper Tree Healing Collective is 

Intuitive Energy Healing

so much more than a workplace, it is a healing community that works together to serve.  So I am also pleased to facilitate group healing events, teach free workshops, provide healing energy support to our yoga classes...or just sit down with a cup of tea and talk with new friends.  Love and light to you all, and welcome to this beautiful family!"