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- Carolyn Myss

New Moon Circle

Sat. March 2rd 5:00-7:30 pm

Sun March 3rd 5:00-7:30 pm

Juniper Tree Healing Collective

5115 NE 94th Ave, Suite D

Vancouver, WA 98662

Join us in the studio and welcome March's New Moon! Astrologers Sharon Zimmerman of Astrology Insight, Stephanie Shea of cardinal fire astrology and Jessica Miklas  will be sharing the astrological perspective of this New Moon in Pisces, ushering our dreams into reality!    


Each new Moon carries the promise of brighter futures to come!  Sharon and Steph will explain about the New Moon being a time of new beginnings and the time to plant seeds of intention for the next month, as well as how to hone in on the absolute best times for setting New Moon intentions.

By looking into your birth chart, Sharon, Steph and Jessica  will determine which area of life this month's New Moon will be activating for you.

***You'll need to provide your date, time, and location of birth. Time of birth is very important for this!***

Make and Take our unique new moon blend with crystals specifically chosen to amplify your intentions and support you through the month of March.

*Pre registration is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED  for this month's events: 


$20 for the circle and Make & Take + $20 for your own personal 15 minute reading with Sharon, Steph or Jessica! Arrive early or book in advance to ensure you will be able to receive your personal reading as space for this may be limited!