Monday Thru Thursday 6:30 - 8 p.m 

Check out our MENU of acupoint combinations designed to Heal what Ails you!  Your happy hour price includes TWO menu selections for $40  and add-ons are only $10 each!


Acupuncture happy hour is your weeknight wellness special. Drop in anytime during happy hour for ear acupuncture or  needleless ear seed treatments starting at $20. Your acupoint press needles or  ear crystals can stay in all week.  These acupuncture treatments are based on auricular medicine (the microsystem of your ear) and are my way of using acupuncture therapy on your brain and nervous system to treat your whole being. The points we apply are painless and convenient to wear, and our Swarovski crystal ear seeds are a beautiful accessory! Acupuncture happy hour- a weeks worth of balancing acupuncture therapy for $40!