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Amanda Fields, LMP

"My name is Amanda.  I have been practicing massage for 12 years.  I’ve learned through study and experience that pain is a complicated condition and unique to each person.  What drives me are the success stories I’ve been a part of over the years. For instance, the business owner who gained an extra three hours of sleep a night and the teacher who went from having severe pain while walking to getting back out on the golf field within 3 months.  I have a unique skill set and knowledge base that continues to evolve with new discoveries in the health care field and touch therapy.

Amanda excels at treating conditions associated with injury and/or pain, which would limit her clients from doing normal every day activities. She is certified in Thai Massage and Gua Sha (Gwa Shaw), a technique that uses narrow edged tools to glide over the skin. Amanda uses Thai Massage, Gua Sha and Deep Tissue techniques to improve movement around the joints and relieve pain associated with knots and muscle tension.​

Massage Therapy

Amanda started her career in Massage Therapy at Ashmead College where she entered the clinical and sports massage program. She received her massage license in 2003. For the next few years, Amanda would work at various spas and salons, until taking a job for a chiropractic office where she could reach her full potential in clinical massage.  For the next six years she received hands-on experience in treating various injuries ranging from acute car accident injuries to chronic overuse injuries.

Amanda resides in Vancouver, WA with her husband and two beautiful children. She is a strong advocate for whole body health and practices self-care by eating lots of yummy healthy food, lifting weights and going to yoga. She enjoys cooking, reading and spending her spare time with her family and friends.